Blue Heron Consulting is dedicated to scaling businesses at the intersection of the education, digital, and global markets. Blue Heron provides the following Consulting and Advisory Services:


Global Strategy Development

Create a global growth approach within the overall business strategy of a business, including launch, pilot, and scaling global distribution.


Market Entry Tactics

Market-based research and recommendations on which markets to enter for global expansion, product and operational positioning, multi-stage brand and growth planning, and the creation of a go-to-market business plan.


Merger & Acquisitions

Prepare publishing and ed-tech companies for acquisition.  Research, identify and scout companies for tactical and strategic acquisition in the EdTech/Publishing space around the world


ELL Advise and Expertise

Guidance on the School, Direct-to-Consumer, Print, and Online-to-Offline (O2O) business models, acquisition mechanics, and scale for print and digital ELL product segments.


Product Fit Recommendations

Detailed analysis of existing product lines to provide guidance and recommendations on product fit for new market entry

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